Stainless Mid Handled Shrub Rake

Stainless Mid Handled Shrub Rake

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This mid handled shrub rake gets into places where a full-size rake can?t reach. It is a pleasure to use, since the flat tines gather the leaves and debris, rather than stabbing them. It?s especially ideal for removing leaves and debris from under shrubs, so slugs and snails don?t have a place to hide.

Like other mid handled tools, it offers extra reach, making it easy to garden at the back of borders, and is also extremely handy for raised beds. The stainless steel of this shrub rake is extremely resistant to rust, so will stay bright and beautiful for years to come. A strong leather cord allows the rake to be hung up when not in use in order to keep things neat in the shed.

The stainless steel mid handled shrub rake is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society!