Stainless Steel Midi 3-Prong Cultivator (18-inch Handle)

Stainless Steel Midi 3-Prong Cultivator (18-inch Handle)

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Named the best all-around garden tool by one of Britain's leading gardening magazines, this long-handled cultivator really does do it all. Designed as a combination rake and fork, it smoothes, lifts, aerates, weeds, combs, and digs. Whether you're transplanting seedlings in spring, cleaning up the vegetable patch in autumn, or reviving your mulch in midsummer, rely on this too-quality tool from Joseph Bentley of England!

Constructed of stainless steel and sustainably harvested (FSC certified) oak, this durable and elegant tool will last you for countless seasons in the garden. It stands 24½ inches high, with an 18-inch contoured handle that feels comfortable in your hand and results in less fatigue during a long day of gardening.

The curved, pointed, strong prongs of the cultivator are 3 inches long after the bend, so they can dig to a depth of several inches in the soil or mulch. These sharp points are great for piercing stubborn soil and cutting furrows for sowing, while the shape of the blades enables them to snag and lift weeds, tangled roots, and other debris smoothly and easily from the soil. And the 18-inch handle lets you park yourself in one place and garden a big sweep in all directions.

This "midi" cultivator is easy to use and very durable. The handle is contoured to fit your hand nicely, so you experience less fatigue over the course of a long day in the garden. It cleans in a snap and won't break or bend even in rough use. There's even a leather hanging strip so you can put the trowel right onto your belt or hang it in the potting shed.

Joseph Bentley has been the most respected name in British garden tools for more than a century, and superior materials and craftsmanship are among the reasons why. The prongs and shaft are ultra-sturdy stainless steel, while the handle is FSC certified oak. Add it to your garden tool shed this season, and we predict you'll make Joseph Bentley your preferred source of all gardening equipment! Weighs just over 1 lb.