Stainless Steel Midi Hand Trowel (18-inch handle)

Stainless Steel Midi Hand Trowel (18-inch handle)

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It's one part trowel and one part shovel -- the ideal tool for planting smaller pots and transplants, reaching narrow spots in the border without swiping neighboring plants with the blade, and turning just the right amount of soil instead of creating a too-wide hole. The mid-length hand trowel from British firm Joseph Bentley is a miracle of a garden tool, the "just right" alternative to larger and smaller models.

The solid oak handle of this tool is 18 inches long, smoothed and contoured so that it fits comfortably in the hands even without gloves on. The shaft and blade are polished stainless steel -- polished so that the soil doesn't stick as easily to the metal, and steel because this tool is going to last you forever.

The blade is 4 inches long and a bit more than 3 inches wide, nicely tapered and quite sharp around the edges, so it slices easily into stubborn soils and can cut a nice even hole without jagged edges. It's just the right size for creating a planting hole for all those 3- and 4-inch pots, not to mention the seedlings waiting for transplant in spring and the pot plants looking for a new home in your tubs and large containers. Most importantly, the long handle enables you to work from the outside of the foundation, bed, or border to reach a planting space far on the interior. This is tricky business in a well-established, crowded planting area, and the midi hand trowel tackles it masterfully.

The entire tool stands 26 inches long, with a leather carrying strap that loops nicely over a wheelbarrow handle or dangles from the potting shed wall on any available hook. Lightweight and bulk-free, it is nonetheless a powerful tool to have in your garden collection. Versatility is its major attribute, and you will find yourself using it for many purposes during your garden chores.

Joseph Bentley has been the best name in British garden tools for more than a century, and one look at the midi hand trowel tells you why. You won't soon find another garden implement as expertly made, as durable, or as attractive. Rely on this trusted English manufacturer for all your garden tools! 2¼ lbs.