Kalmia Starburst

Kalmia Starburst

Kalmia latifolia 'Starburst'

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This Mountain Laurel provides an abundance of spectacular color in a small, dense habit! Featuring clusters of beautiful, star-shaped flowers, burgundy with maroon edges, 'Starburst' remains attractive throughout the year with glossy, green foliage.

The inviting maroon banding on 'Starburst' creates a striking contrast with the rich burgundy on the flowers, which bloom vigorously in late spring to early summer. Thin maroon spokes from the bloom's center to the edges add definition to the pentagon-shaped flower.

A "little leaf" variety with a mounded spreading form, 'Starburst' grows to 5 feet in height and 6 feet in width. The shrub's mounding form is great for landscaping in part shade, and makes a fine presence in woodland settings.

Thriving in acidic, well-drained soil, 'Starburst' requires regular water and prefers a bit of mulch, but is otherwise virtually maintenance free, seldom needing to be pruned. The high foliage density and brilliant flowers on a small habit are really powerful, even in a small setting. Do add 'Starburst' to your garden this season, for years of pleasure to come! Zones 5-8.