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Hemerocallis Storm of the Century

Hemerocallis 'Storm of the Century'

Hemerocallis hybrid 'Storm of the Century'

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Tetraploid daylilies are always a pleasure to grow, but few can boast a bloom so magnificent! Spreading 6 inches wide, each opulent blossom boasts a rich, velvety texture, royal purple tepals, lemon-lime throats, deep ruffles, and a brilliant gold picotee!

'Storm of the Century' is a surefire conversation starter and makes a great centerpiece for garden beds and meadow-themed plantings. It's extra set of chromosomes makes it fantastically robust, shrugging off pests and disease and displaying excellent health even under adverse conditions. While daylily blooms last for just a single day, 'Storm of the Century' can set as many as 25 buds, letting it rebloom day after day in a delightful procession.

Plant 'Storm of the Century' in full sun (or light shade) in a moist, well-drained soil. Introduced in 2000, 'Storm of the Century' has earned a reputation for excellence and become one of the most sought-after Hemerocallis available today. It will thrive almost anywhere and reward you with years and years of show-stopping beauty! Zones 5 to 10.