Strawberry/Tomato Core It

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When you're ready to prepare the crop prepared for freezing, canning, or eating fresh, core the berries and tomatoes with this simple, effective kitchen tool. It's just the right design to get the job done fast!

Strong stainless-steel teeth are arranged in a bowl shape at the end of this tool, with a comfy plastic handle to hold it steady while you work. Almost 5 inches in length, Core It is the perfect size for big jobs, preventing muscle fatigue with its shape and ease of use. Just scoop the serrated edges into the fruit, twist, and lift out the core or stem! Simple and efficient, it prevents wasted fruit from clumsy straight-blade cuts.

Made by Norpro, Core It is long-lasting and durable. Hand-wash it for best sharpness, and enjoy the fruits of your garden labors for years to come!