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String of Pearls Succulent Gift

String of Pearls Succulent Gift

Succulent Gift
Item # 27677
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If you?re looking for an easy and uniquely beautiful succulent to grow in your indoor garden, opt for the string of beads plant. In addition to its carefree growth habit, this interesting houseplant can provide a unique focal point in the home. Sprawling over the edges of containers or hanging baskets, the string of beads plant resembles a beaded necklace with its fleshy green, pea-like foliage. Also called rosary string of beads or string of pearls plant, this creeping succulent is an interesting plant that many people enjoy adding to their indoor gardens and will get indoor gardeners plenty of compliments. Sometimes it even blooms with faint white blooms which boast a fragrance similar to cinnamon. It?s the thin thread like stems and fleshy round, bead like leaves that make this unusual houseplant a perfect addition to the home. Whether you grab one for yourself or gift it to the gardener in your life our String of Pearls Succulent Gift will delight with it's beauty and ease.

Container Dimensions: 4"H by 4.75"W