Summer Romance™ Parfuma® Floribunda Rose

Summer Romance™ Parfuma® Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'KORtekcho' PP#25,993

Plant Patent #25,993.Blackspot? What's that? This ultra-hardy shrub rose scarcely knows the meaning of the word, thanks to its impeccable breeding! Part of the wonderfully scented Parfuma® series, Summer Romance™ is nothing short of a godsend for gardeners in humid and moist climates who battle foliar diseases on their roses!

Marvelously redolent of anise, these petal-packed 3-inch double blooms arise in waves all season long, perfect for cutting but hard to part with on the shrub, too! Quite long-lasting, they offer soft color and indescribably evocative scent in equal measure.

And the floribunda habit of the blooms brings you a bouquet on every stem! Individual flowers are set on 6- to 8-inch stems within larger bloomclusters. Exoect the heaviest flush of flowers in early summer, followed by generous repeats into fall.

Summer Romance™ grows about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, with glossy green foliage that stays healthy all season and clothes the branches right down to the ground. Bred in northern Germany, this shrub is cold-hardy, vigorous, disease-resistant, and very adaptable. Try it in climates where other roses have failed -- it won't disappoint. Zones 5 to 9.