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Hibiscus Summerific® Perfect Storm

Hibiscus Summerific® 'Perfect Storm'

Hibiscus hybrid 'Perfect Storm' PP#27,880

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Between its over-sized tropical looking flowers and unique purple hued foliage there isn't an inch on this compact hibiscus that isn't thrilling! 'Perfect Storm' takes the dark foliage of ?Summer Storm? and shrinks it down to a much for manageable size that is more suitable for garden life. Its truly gargantuan flowers reach up to 8 inches across and feature a delightful pinwheel pattern reminiscent of a giant lollipop from a county fair. Its petals are mostly white which splashes of pink of the edges and a deep crimson throat for added drama. Hummingbirds are common visitors to these flowers, but they are thankfully ignored by deer. This charming rose mallow is a breeze to maintain and needs very little upkeep. This sun-loving native perennial needs heavy mulching before its first winter to help it get through that trying season. Watch out for Japanese Beetles who love this plant almost as much as you will.