Sunblaster Seed Starting LED Light System

Sunblaster Seed Starting LED Light System

Sunblaster Seed Starting LED Light System
Item # v2311
Drench your plants in the LED lights they need with Sunblaster, a complete grow light system for seedlings and tender palnts. The two components of this system, sold separately, are the Grow Light LED and Seed Starting Universal T5 Light Stand! This complete seed starter and plant growth kit contains everything you need to begin the garden indoors, root cuttings, overwinter tender plants, and give any seedling or plant the perfect amount of heat and light to enable it to thrive indoors. You will find it endlessly useful throughout your gardening career, and we highly recommend you give it a try this season!

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights provide the best lighting for indoor growing applications to give you the best performance and longevity. The Self-Cooling technology allows the SunBlaster LED Strip Lights to perform at their maximum level without creating unwanted heat or resorting to electronic resources running cooling fans and other devices. The Sunblaster Universal T5 Light Stand is sipmle, lightweight, very durable, and completely adjustable. It puts light just where you need it, so your seedlings and plants grow their best. It's easy to use and endlessly versatile, thanks to its innovative design. The principle is very simple, and the light stand is far less clunky than the older models. Two 18 inch high support bars of powder coated aluminum hold the light hood in place, and adjust with four O-rings that slide up and down the bars. The base is secured with 6 anti-skid pads and a wide yet compact surface area.Two light grips hold any T5 bulb- 18 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, even 48 inch securely in place. The whole thing assembles in seconds, and then you plug it in and adjust it to that optimal 3 to 6 inch range above the tops of your seedlings or plants. That's all there is to it!

For maximum performance use the SunBlaster NanoDomes along with 2 x 24' LED Strip Lights to light two trays.

This versatile, super effective system is a must have for starting seeds indoors in winter and overwintering your tender palnts, tropicals and rooted cuttings!

The Universal T5 Light Stand is made of durable aluminum and injection molded plastic for a lifetime of rust free, warp free, and crack free use. You'll like how it effortlessly glides into position and keeps its post. Best of all, it fits just about anywhere near a socket!