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Sunpatiens® Compact Hot Coral

Sunpatiens® Compact Hot Coral

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'SAKIMP026'

Your container garden is about to get an upgrade! Compact Hot Coral is a SunPatiens® so sun-tolerant and mildew-free that it grows and blooms vigorously over 3 seasons in most climates, setting masses of bright tropical blooms above healthy dark foliage. Terrific in any light from half shade to full sun, it is an adaptable marvel!

The SunPatiens® series completely changed the way we gardened with Impatiens by introducing larger, more spreading, vigorous plants. Well, this Compact series takes all that SunPatiens robustness and concentrates it into plants 14 to 24 inches wide and anywhere from 14 to 32 inches high. (Taller in warmer climates, shorter in cooler.) You get masses of blooms and great branching, but in a habit so compact, you can grow these plants in flowerpots!

Compact Hot Coral is the festive color you've been looking for. It makes a nice change of pace from traditional pink, orange, or red, yet it complements nearby colors nicely. Vigorous and tirelessly flowering, it needs little attention beyond water and fertilizer to keep going until hard frost.

Try SunPatiens® Compact Hot Coral wherever you need long-lasting color. It is quite tolerant of extreme heat and humidity, and will even put up with a bit of drought. Stock up for a season full of beauty in every spot of your garden! Pack is 3 plants grown in big 4-inch pots.