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SunPatiens® Compact Red Impatiens

SunPatiens® Compact Red Impatiens

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'SAKIMP024'

Compact enough for containers but boasting all the vigor and floriferousness of full-sized SunPatiens®, this sun-tolerant and mildew-free annual is a must-have for three seasons of nonstop blooms every year! Compact Red is a standout color, with non-fading flowers that open so profusely, you may have trouble seeing the foliage at the height of the season!

This SunPatiens® reaches up to 2 feet wide, and its height will vary according to your climate. In warmer regions, it is likely to be 24 to 32 inches tall. Farther north, it may reach 14 to 22 inches. Either way, it is vigorous, quick-growing, and a tireless performer in any setting from almost full shade to bright sunlight!

Try Compact Red in containers this season, either as a solitary stanout for flowerpots (6-inch to 8-inch) or as a companion to other annuals in window boxes and large planters. With nonstop blooms from late spring through summer and into fall, it will be one of the best and most colorful plants on the deck or patio!

Easy to grow and very low maintenance, this is the Impatiens you have dreamed of! Stock up on big, healthy plants just ready to establish in your garden and containers! Ships in 4" pots. Pack of 3 plants.