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SunPatiens® Compact Royal Magenta Impatiens (pack of 3)

SunPatiens® Compact Royal Magenta Impatiens (pack of 3)

Impatiens x hybrida hort 'SAKIMP029'

Traditional Impatiens is fine for shady areas in climates where powdery mildew is not a problem. But for those of us with gardens that include dappled sunlight and brighter areas, the greater versatility and complete freedom from powdery mildew that SunPatiens® boasts is the only way to go! This Compact series provides all the vigor and free-flowering beauty of SunPatiens® in a smaller, neater, more concentrated habit!

Compact Royal Magenta is an attention-getting plant, its large blooms showing hints of blue, purple, and red behind the magenta overlay. And the flowers are both numerous and long-lasting, beginning before spring is out and often continuing well into autumn. They cover the dark green foliage, presenting a colorful display that stands up to heat, humidity, and even dry soil. And they are ideal in containers all season long.

Expect this plant to reach 14 to 24 inches wide. Its height will vary according to your climate. In cooler, shorter-summer areas, Compact Royal Magenta will reach about 14 to 18 inches high; farther south and west, it is likely to top out at 20 to 24 inches. Either way, the plant will be well-branched and lush, never stretched!

Use this SunPatiens® to landscape the garden or accent beds and small plantings. Place it solo in flowerpots, or allow it to merge with other annuals (even sun lovers!) in mixed containers. Versatile and tough, it holds its own in a wide range of settings. You will treasure its adaptability and ease of care. Pack of 3 plants in big 4-inch pots.