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SunPatiens® Vigorous Pink Kiss (pack of 3)

SunPatiens® Vigorous Pink Kiss (pack of 3)

Impatiens x hawkeri SunPatiens® Spreading Pink Kiss

In the heat of summer, this Impatiens will last and last. One of the most heat tolerant Impatiens we have ever seen. The beautiful pink blooms each feature just the slightest touch of a red "kiss" at the center. The shades of pink vary from dark to light on each bloom which makes it wonderfully unique.

These Impatiens will provide you with nonstop color from summer until the first signs of frost. This spreading series of the SunPatiens® family brings all the beauty to any container, edging, or even ground cover. These blooms combine perfectly with almost any other color in a mixed container.

Pink Kiss is a very low maintenance Impatiens. It can tolerate the blazing sun, dry soil, and even rain. The blooms are larger than traditional impatiens - up to 3 inches in width and very profuse.

Contains three 4-inch pots.