Superior, more sun-tolerant Impatiens

SunPatiens® are simply an all-around superior plant. They are certainly the most sun-tolerant Impatiens ever grown. There are several species that produce bigger, better branched plants with larger blooms and a much longer bloom season. Their ability to thrive not only in nearly full sun, but full shade, as well, makes them ideal for gardens that contain dappled sunlight. They come in both upright, mounded form perfect for bedding, and a cascading type (look for "Spreading" in the name of the plant) ideal for containers. Flowers up to 3 inches wide, suffused with color, and set among dense, healthy foliage on vigorous plants that bloom from late spring until hard frost, are found on both forms. Heat, humidity, and even periods of drought won't faze SunPatiens®! Discover this marvel for your garden and patio containers today.