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Magnolia Sunsation

Magnolia 'Sunsation'

6-inch Blooms Begin at a Young Age!

Late frosts never touch the blooms of this magnificent new Magnolia! Opening in late spring, they grace the garden with rich yellow shading to rosy-pink at the base, and spread a full 6 inches across! Blooming from a very young age and in great abundance, 'Sunsation' is a perfectly-shaped, floriferous tree you will treasure as a specimen, foundation planting, or focal point of the border!

'Sunsation's habit may remind you of a Bradford Pear. Very uniform and pyramidal, it needs no pruning and never gets rangy, like other Magnolias can. Quickly growing to a mature size of 25 to 30 feet tall and 30 feet wide, this is a trouble-free, glorious performer of a plant, tolerant of cold, heat, and humidity alike!

Best of all, you can expect Sunsation to begin blooming the second (or even possibly the first!) year you get it into the ground. Many Magnolias keep you waiting 5 years or more, but 'Sunsation' starts out strong and then gets stronger! And the blooms arise before the foliage in spring, for a lovely effect!

Bred by the late Dr. Augie Kehr from 'Elizabeth' x 'Woodsman,' 'Sunsation' is extraordinary. Even the foliage -- dark green and subtly undulating -- is spectacular! Thriving in full sun to partial shade, this Magnolia is hardy as far north as zone 4. Space young trees about 18 feet apart in any well-drained garden soil and watch them take off! Zones 4-9.