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Sedum SunSparkler® Dazzleberry

Sedum SunSparkler® 'Dazzleberry'

Sedum hybrid 'Dazzleberry' PP# 22,457

Item # 32301
Plant Patent 22,457

Giant 6- to 8-inch flowerheads top the smoky-blue foliage of this groundcover Sedum for nearly 2 months in late summer and fall! One of the remarkable SunSparkler® series of drought-resistant, quick-spreading, ultra-colorful Sedum cultivars, 'Dazzleberry' keeps the hot, sunny garden colorful and interesting from spring until frost!

'Dazzleberry' is just 8 inches high, but quickly spreads about 18 inches wide. The foliage is an unusual shade of blue, very eye-catching even from a distance, with smoky-charcoal overtones. It keeps these colors right through the summer heat and humidity. In late summer, raspberry-red flowerheads top the leaves, remaining for 7 or more weeks. You'll have trouble deciding which you prefer: the colorful foliage or the colorful flowers! Luckily, both are vibrant and pretty for a long, long time!

Butterflies adore the flowers, and deer avoid nibbling the leaves, which makes 'Dazzleberry' all the more valuable for open garden spaces. Like all the SunSparklers®, 'Dazzleberry' stands up to cold as well as heat, and once established it doesn't mind poor soil fertility and long periods of drought. It's ideal for containers that don't get watered as often as you'd like, and there's no better solution for hard-to-plant banks, slopes, and dusty garden spots receiving full sunshine.

Given good drainage and some pampering the first season to get established, there's no stopping the SunSparklers®! Take a look at the others in this series: red-leafed 'Cherry Tart' and variegated 'Lime Zinger.' Zones 4-9.