Luster Leaf® RapiTest® Soil pH Meter

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Test your soil in seconds and determine its pH as well as the NPK breakdown (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash). This digital LED device gives you results immediately, so that you can amend your soil to desired levels and grow the garden of your dreams.

Using cutting-edge technology to read fine shades of color, this kit gives you precise results. Twenty-five testing capsules are included (10 of pH and 5 each of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash). Just follow the simple instructions, pop the test tube into the optical reader, and you have your answers.

Included with this tester is a booklet detailing the soil nutritional requirements of more than 450 common garden plants. No running back and forth to gardening books or googling things on the phone. It's all waiting for you here, at your fingertips.

Rapitest® operates on a battery, which is included. Very simple to use and utterly reliable, it's our favorite home soil analyzer. Add it to your gardening belt this season.

Battery included.


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