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Surreal™ Floribunda Rose

Surreal™ Floribunda Rose

Rosa 'JAChabsun'

Hot tropical hues that shade from deep cerise to bright apricot and peach -- with rich pink as the backdrop! -- make this floribunda utterly unique. The fully double blooms are ruffled, long-lasting, and marvelously fragrant as well. There's no brighter nor more festive addition to the garden!

From Cinco de Mayo to the first day of school (and possibly beyond!), you can enjoy these clusters of large blooms. Each flower is 4 to 4½ inches wide, arising in a cluster of 3 to 5 buds. Each flower in the cluster opens at a different time, extending the beauty far longer.

As exciting as the color is, the fragrance is equally impressive. Combining sweet with spicy notes, it is described as "fruity" but also suggests a tropical musk. There is nothing else quite like it, not even from its parent rose, Tahitian Sunset.™ What a great addition to a deck party or a centerpiece for an evening meal in the garden!

Surreal™ was introduced by our friends at Jackson & Perkins, and we feel certain that its combination of beautiful blooms, fragrance, and vigorous plant habit will make it a classic. Surreal™ is hardy through zone 4 in the north, yet also tolerates the extreme heat and humidity of the deep south and southwest. Reaching 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, it's the perfect size for the middle of the border or any other sun-soaked spot with well-drained, enriched soil. It is well-branched and robust, with healthy foliage and a tendency to rebloom if the first flowers are removed promptly. Make it part of your summer fiesta this season and for many years to come! Zones 4-9.