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Blackberry Sweetie Pie

Blackberry 'Sweetie Pie'

Rubus hybrid 'Sweetie Pie'

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For many years, it was difficult for gardeners in the deep South to grow blackberries successfully. Foliar diseases caused by high temperatures and humidity took a heavy toll on the crops. Then the USDA introduced 'Sweetie Pie', and we have been reaping the delicious rewards ever since!

This heavy-bearing vine reaches just 6 feet tall and about 3 feet wide, and the fruit is so soft and succulent that you'll be lucky to ever get it to the kitchen! It's just ideal for munching in the garden, and the flavor and texture are indescribable -- they bear no resemblance to the tasteless orbs offered at the supermarket! Prepare to be spoiled (deliciously) forever by 'Sweetie Pie'!