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Syringa Colbys Wishing Star

Syringa 'Colby's Wishing Star'

A Tiny Lilac with Big Impact!

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All the beauty and fragrance of a full-sized lilac in a shrub just about four feet tall! Colby's Wishing Star makes the impossible happen: even small-space gardens can be transformed by spring's most spectacular bloomer!

Hundreds of strongly scented, sweet pink flowers cover the bare branches of this dwarf shrub in spring, filling the air with the promise of another beautiful garden season. Cut the branches for the vase or leave them to perfume the entire landscape. Heaven!

And if those first blooms are cut or deadheaded promptly, Colby's Wishing Star just may repeat intermittently throughout summer, then put on a second big show in fall. This is another dream come true for Lilac lovers!

Colby's Wishing Star comes by its beauty and fine garden performance honestly. It is descended from 'Josee,' the variety renowned for its heat tolerance and disease resistance.

If you have a few square feet of sunny garden, you can grow this magnificent shrub. Start a legacy that will turn your garden into paradise in spring and fall! Plant Colby's Wishing Star this season.