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Narcissus Tahiti

Narcissus 'Tahiti'

Narcissus 'Tahiti'

Pack of 10
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What's this?
Bring the warmth of the tropics to the midseason garden! The rounded, double orange-and-yellow flowers of this exotic beauty may remind you of Gardenias! These 4-inch blooms on strong 16-inch stems means no flop! An RHS award winner, these elaborately hued double blooms arise in midseason. They add spectacular color and form to any Daffodil display, and are perfect for cutting! 'Tahiti' offers deep yellow petals surrounding an orange-edged ruffled cup - a completely unique look in the Daffodil family! The hot tropical colors and elaborate double-flowered form give this spring bloomer a tropical look that lives up to its name! Zones 4-8. Pack of 10.
With Wayside's bulbs, growing gorgeous flowers is as easy as Dig, Drop, Done.


The first thing you want to do is pick your spot and dig the hole for your bulbs. Avoid places with standing water, as this could cause bulb rot. A good rule of thumb when planting is to dig down 3 times the height of the bulb, but you should follow the specific instructions for your bulb. Make sure to space out your bulbs to give your plants the right amount of room to grow later.


Now put your bulbs in the ground, pointy side up. For fall planting, be sure to get the bulbs in before the first frost. For spring planting, the time varies by plant. Afterwards, cover the bulbs with soil and then water them in. This helps wake the bulbs up from dormancy and get them growing again.

Now you're Done!

Just sit back and wait, and in the spring your bulbs will sprout up and reward you with their beautiful blooms throughout the season. Growing flowers from Wayside bulbs really is that easy!

Videos courtesy of the Dig Drop Done Foundation.