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Azalea Tangerine Delight

Azalea 'Tangerine Delight'

Rhododendron x 'Tangerine Delight'

This brilliantly colored Azalea offers clusters of blooms that emit a sweet and spicy scent that will captivate you!

'Tangerine Delight' combines the best characteristics of the native Flame Azalea with those of the famous Knaphill Azalea. The result is dazzling blooms in large clusters on a good-sized, vigorous, and adaptable shrub.

The blooms emerge in mid-spring in great clusters, the petals bearing electric shades of orange with hints of melon and peach. A very quick grower, it blooms from a young age and branches out densely. The dark green foliage drops in the fall and returns with burgundy tints before the flowers open in the spring.

Reaching 10 feet tall and around 7 feet wide, 'Tangerine Delight' is a tremendous shrub, a characteristic that comes from the Flame Azalea, which is also responsible for its generous branching and dense foliage, and its tolerance of dry soils and heat. From the Knaphill hybrids it gets its large, bright, and very profuse flower clusters and its wonderful fragrance!

This is, quite simply, one of the easiest Rhododendrons to grow, and therefore makes a fine choice for new gardeners or those contemplating a busy planting and maintenance schedule. Many gardeners consider 'Tangerine Delight' the best orange-flowered selection, and we might have to agree. The big, flower-filled habit is perfect in the border, as a hedge, or along the perimeter of the property.

Rely on this adaptable, very easy, beautiful spring bloomer for years of unparalleled color and fragrance. Zones 5-9.