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Polyblepharum Tassel Fern

Polyblepharum Tassel Fern

This fern was around when the dinosaurs roamed the earth!

The tassel fern is named for the way its crossiers lean backwards to make room for new fronds, each exceptionally glossy and dark green, all overlapping one another in a fine bipinnate arrangement.

This very low-maintenance, dependable shade lover brightens the landscape in all seasons, delighting with its curled fiddleheads that open to finely cut fronds.

Like most ferns, this species is resistant to disease and nearly immune to pest problems. This pest resistance should not be surprising: since its lineage goes straight back to the time of dinosaurs and giant insects, today's pests are a walk in the park!

A native of Japan and southern Korea, tassel fern boasts an exotic and unforgettable look thanks to the crosiers that flip backwards and dry to more of a silvery color over the growing fronds. The vase-shaped habit and very glossy foliage complete the look! Zones 5 to 8.