Rose Teasing Georgia

Rose Teasing Georgia

Rosa Ausbaker

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This delightful rose bush is completely covered in elegant, fully-double roses that offer a strong tea fragrance, permeating your garden with interesting color and delightful scent! Teasing Georgia is named for Mr. Ulrich Meyer, after his wife Georgia, both of whom were well known media personalities in Germany.

The center petals are a rich, deep yellow color, while the outer petals fade to palest yellow. Forming a tight cup, the center petals are packed in a pretty pattern, and the outer petals fall back, giving the illusion of a tea cup on a saucer. You'll feel like you're sitting in a rose garden in England, and you'll just have to sip some tea as you appreciate these delicate beauties!

This English rose can be grown as a medium-sized shrub, or as a short climber. Perfect for borders and mass plantings, you can enjoy it just about anywhere in your garden. Teasing Georgia also looks extravagant winding down trellises and fences. Extremely hardy and disease resistant, this is the yellow rose you've been searching for!

You won't be able to resist cutting these roses for an indoor arrangement, so luckily they continue to bloom throughout the season. Teasing Georgia is the winner of the Henry Edland Medal in the 2000 R.N.R.S trials for the best scented variety, so if you're looking for fragrance that will grace your entire garden, this is the rose for you.