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Rosa The Alnwick®

Rosa The Alnwick®

Rosa hybrid 'Ausgrab'

Bareroot Budded
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Cultivar Name: 'Ausgrab'.

The Alnwick® Rose is pleasing even early in the season, when its plentiful green foliage is crowned with dainty buds. The blooms undergo a pleasing progression, beginning with quintessential rose pink, the deeply-cupped buds slowly open out to a broad, shallow flower that fades to near-white at its edges. With excellent repeat-blooming potential, the Alwick® rose keeps this show going all the way up until frost comes!

The blooms are very plush, matching the bushy fullness of the foliage. The fragrance is a strong Old Rose scent with just a hint of raspberry.

The Alnwick® Rose is named for the garden in development at Alnwick Castle, a prestigious British estate owned by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland. The Alnwick garden is a masterpiece of modern design and features English roses prominently.

The culmination of over 60 years' work, the English Roses represent the first totally new development in Roses since the introduction of the Hybrid Teas in the 1860's, and the Floribundas in the early 1930's. Since then, breeders have faced a nasty dilemma: grow the high-performing modern hybrids, but miss out on fragrance and double blooms, or grow the richly-scented antique roses, but miss out on the hybrid's great performance and flower power. This is why David Austin bred his own, third group: the English Rose, which combines the unique form and rich fragrance of antique roses with the health and heavier blooming of modern hybrids. English roses are the best of both worlds!

Originally introduced to American gardeners by Wayside Gardens, the English Roses have created a sensation among Rose growers, and because of their superior performance have caused all gardeners to reassess the value of Roses in general as garden plants. Wayside is proud to present to you here the very best of the English Roses, like the Alnwick® Rose!

Plant the Alnwick® Rose in a sunny (or lightly shaded) spot with rich, moist, and well-draining soil. Its lush petals, lovely color, and delightful fragrance will bring you joy month after month, year after year. Zones 5 to 9.