The Garden Gift Guide

Rustic Bird House You know that moment when you realize the perfect gift for your hard-to-buy-for friend? It’s a feeling of complete success, which turns to panic when you wonder where you’re going to find this imaginary, perfect gift. Luckily, Wayside Gardens has a great selection of functional and unusual gifts, perfect for the serious gardener, and the outdoorsy friend.

For the Bird-lover

Whether your friend just likes to see the occasional bird in the garden, or he’s a completely obsessed bird-watcher, we have plenty of interesting gifts that will bring flocks of birds to his home. He’ll be singing with the birds when he’s presented with one of these magical bird-friendly accents, and so will you when you see the price tag!

Functional Birdie Wreath
Rustic Bird House
Unique Hummingbird Feeder

For the Sprouting Gardener

So, your sister just started gardening—or, well, planting things—and you want to give her something she can use even if she doesn’t continue her new hobby. These gifts are perfect for the person who’s interested in growing plants and flowers, but needs a little inspiration to keep the dream alive. Plus, they’re so easy and fun, you’ll want to get one for yourself and everyone on your list!

Hanging Succulent Garden
Mushroom Growing Kit
Rustic Flower Holder

Harvest Window Box For the Practical

You know those body wash and lotion gifts sets your grandma gets you every year? Although you love your grandma, you’re probably stocked up for a few years, and you’re tired of getting gifts that just go to waste. Don’t be your grandma! If you want to give a really cool gift that your friend will actually use, check out these gardening necessities that are fun and functional—and we promise they won’t be re-gifted.

Hand Tool Set
World’s Coolest Rain Gauge
Harvest Window Box

For the Musical Soul

Everyone loves music, right? If you’re looking for a gift that will sing—quite literally—to you, these gifts are perfect! Who doesn’t want to listen to a sweet song through the storm? And let’s be honest, every time your friend hears that nice tune, she’ll think of you and how you’re the best friend around!

Chakra Wind Chimes Chakra Wind Chimes
Unique Rain Chain

Haven’t had enough? For more unique, garden-friendly gifts, check out all of our gifts and accessories. You’re sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone, and something for yourself too!

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Happy gardening!