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Rose The Poets Wife

Rose The Poet's Wife

Auswhirl The Poet's Wife PPAF

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Truly one of the most remarkable yellow roses, The Poet?s Wife will brighten up your garden with deep, sunny yellow tones and a strong, fruity fragrance that is absolutely delightful!

This low growing shrub packs a big punch, bearing tons of large blooms that give off the strongest fruity scent we have had the pleasure of smelling. And the fragrance only gets better and richer with time.

The center petals are the purest yellow we have seen in a rose, which dissolves into lighter, almost-white at the edges. Each bloom is packed tightly with petals, forming a delicate cup. And these roses continue to bloom throughout the season.

This nicely rounded, bushy shrub is ideal for the front of borders and containers, and it?s super hardy. Enjoy these magnificent blooms and their fruity fragrance in even the tightest spots in your garden.