Droll Yankees® Dorothys Cardinal Feeder

Droll Yankees® Dorothy's Cardinal Feeder

Item # 31498
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If you love watching birds and enjoy a variety of different types of small songbirds, wrens, and sparrows, the unique design of the Umbrella Feeder will appeal to you. It has a 15 inch diameter height-adjustable dome that protects the bird seed from unwanted pests like squirrels, as well as keeping the seed dry in case of rain.

The dome gives you an option to adjust the feeder closer to the dish if you'd like to attract smaller birds, and further away for larger ones. Raise it to the roof to let everyone in. This feeder can be hung from a hook or mounted on a pole, in which case you might want to also install a pole mounted squirrel baffle to protect against those bothersome pests.