Thuja 'Green-Giant'

Thuja 'Green Giant' / 'Steeplechase'
Western Red Cedar Hybrid


For hedges, set plants 6 to 8 feet apart. For specimen plants, space 10 to 15 feet apart. Adaptable to most average soils, both acid and alkaline, that are reasonably well-drained. It will tolerate moderately moist soil conditions but not continually wet or boggy conditions or salt spray.

The most vigorous growth will occur in full sun, however plants will tolerate light shade. The evergreen foliage is dark green during the summer but bronze during the winter. Pest and disease resistant and not bothered by deer as much as other Thujas. Hang strongly scented bars of soap or wrap with bird netting to help deter deer while plants are young.


Prune as needed in early spring and midsummer to maintain the desired height.


Zones 5-9.