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Tomato and Vegetable 3-in-1 Concentrate

Tomato and Vegetable 3-in-1 Concentrate

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When a pest or disease attacks your vegetable plants, the problem can spread very quickly, and may even cost you your crops. That's why we recommend this Tomato and Vegetable 3-in-1 Concentrate from Bonide. It's an insecticide, miticide, and fungicide, so you can treat just about anything that ails your plants. Quickly. Easily. Effectively.

Bonide is a trusted name in plant products, and we have been pleased with the results of this product. It mixes with water (2.5 ounces per gallon of water) and is easy to apply. And you can use it up until about 24 hours of harvest. No worries.

The formula was developed with tomatoes in mind, but it also works beautifully on many of America's favorite home garden crops: potatoes, beans, melons, and squash, as well as some berry plants and even flowering annuals and perennials!

Tomato and Vegetable 3-in-1 uses a proprietary blend of ingredients -- among them sulfur and pyrethrin -- to reduce or even eliminate these common pests:






And it is effective against many diseases, such as:



powdery mildew


leaf spot


brown rot.

We like to use as few chemicals on the garden as possible, so a combination formula such as this one is ideal. You don't have to pinpoint the problem to know that there IS a problem -- and with this solution from Bonide, you can tackle it before it gets out of hand and ravages your crops! 1-pint.