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Blueberry Tophat

Blueberry 'Tophat'

Vaccinium corymbosum 'Tophat'

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Meet the ornamental blueberry that also happens to be delicious! Bearing heavy crops of tiny, absolutely delectable berries in early summer, it also regales with large spring blooms!

A cross of Highbush and Lowbush varieties, 'Tophat' brings the best of both types into one neat little package! Only 24 inches high and 18 inches wide, it sets pea-sized sky-blue berries in huge numbers. And the light green foliage stays fresh and attractive right up to frost.

Ideal in containers as well as the berry patch and sunny perennial border, 'Tophat' is terrifically heat tolerant, so you don't need to worry about hot summer weather melting it out. 'Tophat' is self-fertile, but you'll get more berries if you plant several close together. You can't go wrong with this one! Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI.



Set Blueberries 4 feet apart, with 8 to 10 feet between rows; for use as a hedge, space plants 2 to 3 feet apart. Choose a location in full sun and with an acid, humus-enriched soil. To obtain an acid reaction, add ammonium sulfate or powered sulphur to the soil, along with a liberal amount of leaf mold. (Or check with your County Extension agent for specifics.) Dig a generous hole and plant so that the upper roots are covered with only an inch of soil. Planting too deep will hinder growth. At planting time, some light pruning may be desirable to shape and balance branch structure for Blueberries.


We recommend a thick, organic mulch year round, to keep down weeds and maintain even moisture. Once plants are established, apply an acid fertilizer (such as one suited for azaleas) each year. After the initial pruning at planting time for Blueberries, no pruning will be necessary for a few years; after that, the older branches may be pruned back from year to year as necessary. If birds are a problem, netting will keep them from the berries.

Winter care of Potted Plants:

In zones 5, 6, and the colder parts of zones 7, potted plants must be either sunk into the ground or moved into a cold garage or basement that doesn’t freeze. Water pots well before moving them indoors and then check every 4 to 5 weeks to make sure the soil remains a bit damp. Zones various.


Zones Various

Tips for gardening in particularly hot, dry climates:

1. Water with a drip system whenever possible – soak the bed slowly and thoroughly to a depth of 10" to 12".

2. Watering deeply every 3 to 5 days is preferable to a shallow daily watering.

3. Water in the early morning, so foliage has time to dry.

4. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch or similar material to aid in water retention and help keep the roots cool during hot weather.