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Total Accessory Package for Mason Bees Kit

Total Accessory Package for Mason Bees Kit

Spring Mason Bees
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Get the most out of your Mason Bees! This Accessory Kit is intended for use with the BeeBasics™ Spring Kit. It contains:
"InvitaBee Plus"
The "BeeGuardian" Bag
Mason Bee Mud, and
A Mason Bees Booklet.
Here's how to use all these accessories for a great season:
Once your mason bees emerge and start foraging, put the Mason Bee Mud out for them in a spot as near as possible to their nest. They will use this mud to seal their brood chambers. You might think "well, I HAVE mud," but Mason Bees like a particularly clay-heavy mud, so we have included some mud that is the perfect consistency for your bees to work with.

Place your Mason Bee House on a wall that gets warmed by sunlight in the morning. Position it under an overhang to keep the rain out, and at about eye level so you can easily observe your fuzzy friends! Slip in an InvitaBee™ strip in your Mason Bee Home:this cloth is soaked in nesting scents that will draw your mason bees back to it time and time again.

Mason Bees have several natural predators, including: robins, woodpeckers, parasitic wasps, ants, squirrels, crows, and more. These predators gobble up Mason Bees like sweet treats and particularly love to find a whole nest of larvae! We suggest protecting the nest with a sheet of hardware cloth to keep bigger pests out in the spring and then placing the nesting materials in a finer mesh bag like the BeeGuardian™ in summer so that the larvae can develop in peace.

Once your mason bees and their larvae have gone dormant, you can protect them from weather and predation through fall and winter by retrieving them and storing them in a cool, dark place until spring. A refrigerator with a HumidiBee™ humidifier is the ideal spot. Now that you have young bees hibernating, you are ready for next year! Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 4". Weight: 1 lb.

Note: Accessories only; no bees included.