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Sedum Touchdown Teak

Sedum 'Touchdown Teak'

Sedum telephium 'Touchdown Teak' PP#26,078

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Stonecrop have a certain reputation for being natural born survivors and we are happy to note that Touchdown Teak™ is no exception! This amazing perennial practically takes care of itself, enduring heat, humidity, drought, cold and poor soil without breaking a sweat. In addition to exceptional adaptability this particular variety boasts outstanding foliage color that lasts all throughout the warm seasons and even long into winter. The handsome leaves are rounded and uniform and range in tones of red-brown and plum-brown. In the middle of summer bright red flowers burst to life on this plant and add an extra 9 inches of beauty to this already astonishing Stonecrop. The flowers spend all day courting butterflies, hummingbirds and bees in the garden, but when cut also make wonderful Everlastings as well! This sedum sports multiple crowns, the tallest reaching only 8 inches high but the plant spreads double that in width, weaving a durable mat of attractive foliage that doesn't give weeds a chance. Our favorite thing about Touchdown Teak™ is its versatility as it is happy to add a burst of scarlet color to your landscape yet is compact enough to live just as well in containers. Like all sedum, Teak is quite self sufficient once established, but be sure to coddle it a bit in its first year with ample water and food so that it may form a hardy root system. Give Touchdown Teak a chance and it will prove to be a star player in your garden. Zones 4 to 10.