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Tradescantia Sweet Kate

Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate'

A More Compact, Longer Blooming Tradescantia

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More compact and longer blooming than most tradescantia, 'Sweet Kate' creates a high contrast, high impact color combination with clusters of 3-petaled, yellow-stamened, violet-blue flowers appearing even more vibrant set against a complementary background of bright chartreuse foliage. The arching, iris-like leaves will have the best color when planted in full sun.

A hardy, clump-forming mound, virtually pest and disease free, spiderwort will grow just about anywhere that has fertile, well-drained soil, including woodland gardens, wild gardens, naturalized areas, water edges, cottage gardens, and rock gardens. It makes a great border. After the bloom cycle, cut back hard to promote regrowth and another bloom cycle in fall.