Transplant Stress Relief

Transplant Stress Relief

2 oz.
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8 oz.
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2 lb.
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This is a must-have product to encourage amazing growth and prosperity in all of your plants!

Used as a back-fill soil amendment to inoculate landscape plants when planted. It will "energize" the microbial activity in the ground and improves survivability, new root growth, flowering, water absorption, nutrient availability, and overall plant health. It also works to reduce mortality, fertilizer costs, pesticides usage, heat stress damage, irrigation frequency, and losses from drought.

Transplant Stress Relief is compatible to all plants and shrubs and only requires a one-time application to improve your plant's overall health!

It is easy to use. Simply mix the product with back-fill in the top 8-10 inches of planting hole making sure the product is in contact with the root ball.2 oz. treats 2 one-gallon plants.

8 oz. treats 8 one-gallon plants.

1 lb. treats 32 one-gallon plants.