Trellises, Obelisks, & Pillars

Unique frameworks on which to grow your garden

From simple to extravagant, our high-quality outdoor garden structures have something for every garden. Whether you're looking for pergolas to enhance a patio or accent a hot tub, obelisks or pillars to create a striking focal point, or a strong trellis on which to grow your favorite climbing rose, you'll find it here. For a low-maintenance, economical way to bring long-lasting style and elegance to your outdoor living spaces, our garden structures are the perfect choice!

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  • Fragrant Fountain Japanese Snowbell
    Trade Gallon (3qt) $79.95
  • 60-inch Milan Diamond Panel Trellis
    Accessories $119.99
  • 86 inch Nantucket Arched Crown Trellis
    White Polyvinyl $229.95
  • Vienna Trellis
    White Vinyl $169.99
  • Athens Trellis
    White Vinyl $94.99
  • 91-inch Grande Trellis
    White Vinyl $189.95
  • London Trellis
    White Vinyl $99.95
  • Trio Cottage Planter Coordinating Trellis
    Black $64.95
  • Raised Garden Bed Trellis Kit
    As Low As $169.99
  • Manhattan Obelisk
    Cedar and Copper $134.95
  • Rococo Trellis
    Powder Coated Graphite $179.95
Viewing 1 - 11