Trio of Jade Plants on a Plank

Trio of Jade Plants on a Plank

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The ideal centerpiece, mantel decoration, and windowsill beauty, this trio of jade plants (Crassula ovata) looks terrific year-round and needs little attention from you. Give it as a gift, add it to your own home decor, and enjoy this long-lived succulent in a whole new way.

This wooden plank looks like a cutting board, complementing just about any decor. Measuring a foot long and just 4 inches wide, it is ideal for windowsills, mantels, centerpieces, and more. Including the plants, the entire piece is about 9 inches high. And with the three round pots already in place, it is easy to move it around to display to best advantage any time.

Jade plants are the perfect candidates for this combo. Succulent perennials, they offer woody stems, thick waxy evergreen leaves, and nice branching. The mini varieties planted here are easy to grow in the bright indirect light of home or office. They prefer infrequent watering and only need feeding about twice a year, so you really can't imagine an easier houseplant, even for gardening-phobes!

Also known as the friendship tree, Jade plants are considered foliage plants, but you may spot tiny white or pink blooms among the big leaves every now and again! You will love the beauty and easy maintenance of this trio. Order it today, both as a gift and as an addition to your own houseplant collection! It arrives already planted and growing, ready to display right out of the box!

Box Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 9