Rubus Triple Crown Blackberry

Rubus 'Triple Crown' Blackberry

Semi-erect to trailing, this blackberry doesn't need to be trellised

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For jumbo, ultra-sweet, utterly delicious blackberries in your own backyard, rely on classic Rubus 'Triple Crown' Blackberry. This semi-erect to trailing variety is very heavy-bearing, setting fresh new berries every day for a full month in early to midsummer in most climates. Rubus 'Triple Crown' Blackberry grows quickly and bears fruit the first year on thornless branches for pain-free picking. If you love big, juicy, flavor-packed berries for fresh eating, canning, and freezing, count on Rubus 'Triple Crown' Blackberry.

Reaching 5 to 6 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide, and quickly forming a thick, stout central trunk that stands up to Mother Nature's roughest treatment, this shrub sets masses of long, arching canes packed with white blooms in late spring (irresistible to butterflies) that turn to fruit by midsummer. Best in full sun but tolerant of light shade, Rubus 'Triple Crown' Blackberry bears heavily every day for a month or more, giving you more than enough fruit for the family's immediate needs—there will always be "leftovers" to can or freeze. And because this blackberry is self-fertile, you need plant only one, but you will find your crops even heavier if several are planted together.

Rubus 'Triple Crown' Blackberry needs rich soil, so amend it well with organic matter, and consider spraying the foliage once or twice during the growth period with Sea Magic, an all-natural seaweed growth enhancer. The canes are biennial, so cut them back hard after fruiting the second year. They will return even more plentifully in spring.