Triple Spaths in Red Container

Triple Spaths in Red Container

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Peace is a symbol of the season, and so this trio of Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) growing in a red pot is not only a beautiful and useful gift, but also a nice reminder of important values. Even non-gardeners and plant-a-phobes can grow Peace Lilies successfully, and these plants clean the air of toxins as they grow!

One of the very best houseplants, these Peace Lilies reach 3 feet or more tall, with evergreen dark green foliage and really attractive white blooms. The flowers (actually bracts, but who's counting?!) are long-lasting and very striking, arising more plentifully in bright indirect light, less frequently in low-light areas. Fluorescents will bring them out every time!

This houseplant doesn't mind waiting a long time for its next watering. Let the soil dry out a bit, then give it a good long drink and forget about it again! It's even possible to let the plant wilt a bit as a signal for when the next watering is due. And it only needs feeding once or twice a year. Now THAT'S low maintenance!

Best of all, Peace Lilies remove toxins from the air each and every day, so they are a great choice for hospital rooms, nursing homes, babies' nurseries, and stuffy office cubicles. They appreciate the occasional wipe down to eliminate any accumulated dust so clean them about once a year to make sure they still have enough surface area to process light. That's about it for maintenance . . . and they repay you so richly for such little attention!

If you are giving this as a gift, rest assured that it arrives already rooted, growing, and ready to display right out of the box. Nothing is easier and more welcome during the busy season (which is year-round for most of us!). Be sure to order one for yourself, too!

Box Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 40