Tulip Pittsburgh Triumph

Iron City Star!

Pack of 10
Item # 37832-PK-10
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For extravagant splendor like no other, look to the Pittsburgh Triumph Tulip! This mesmerizing spring bulbs put on a magnificent display that contrasts harmoniously with the lighter pastels of your spring garden. The blossoms begin as purple brushed with silver that deepens as it matures into a rich bold purple with crimson margins. This Triumph is simply unignorable and its outstanding presence never fails to draw eyes and compliments.Reaching less than a foot in width this compact plant is all flower and zero fluff. Its robust green stems stand 16 to 18 inches and proudly support the charming oval heads of these vibrant jewels. Despite its outgoing looks, Pittsburgh is rather shy and slow to open which only lengthens its life in garden, container and vase. In the south (past zone 7) it's considered an annual, but in the north it will return for several seasons.