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Trixi® Berry Daring Combination

Trixi® Berry Daring Combination

Calibrachoa Trixi® Berry Daring

Berry daring but also berry beautiful, this combination of 3 colors of Calibrachoa MiniFamous® is certain to become your favorite for hanging baskets and windowboxes. The three colors are just so bright and complementary. And if they happen to make you hungry for blueberry muffins, well . . . all the better!

MiniFamous® Compact Purple, Light Pink + Eye, and Royal Blue are the perfect trio for intense, fade-resistant summer color in the sun. Even more heat- and humidity-tolerant than Petunia, Calibrachoa (Million Bells) is guaranteed to stand up to your worst August heat wave and your stormiest late-afternoons.

These trailing plants mound from the center, setting new blooms all season long, so they never look flat and "empty centered." Your baskets will be as fresh in September as they were in June . . . and probably still blooming merrily away! In warm climates, MiniFamous® will go right through fall to first frost.

To get the most out of these annuals, keep them well watered and fed all season. Pour on the sunshine and show them off in style! You'll be amazed by their no-deadhead, no-trouble nature!

This combination includes one plant each of MiniFamous® Neo Purple Calibrachoa, MiniFamous® Neo Salmon Pink+Eye Calibrachoa, and MiniFamous® Neo Violet+Eye Calibrachoa. Includes three 4-inch pots.