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Hydrangea Tuff Stuff™

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff™

Hydrangea serrata 'MAK20' PP#24,820

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Plant Patent #24,820. Cultivar name: 'MAK20'

(Synonym: H. macrophylla var. serrata.)

This lacecap is a stunning new selection of Mountain Hydrangea offering almost nonstop blooms from early summer right through fall! Not so much "reblooming" as "everblooming," it is a consistent performer, thanks to flowering on both old and new wood.

You really have to see Tuff Stuff™ to believe its flower power. The blooms are semi- to fully double, held in the gorgeous lacecap pattern of tiny fertile flowers (dark red) in a cluster surrounded by larger, sterile florets (magenta-pink). They begin in early summer with a big, heavy show, then continue steadiliy but less floriferously through the worst summer heat and all fall long.

Complementing the blooms is the large, heart-shaped, serrated foliage. Bright green in spring and summer, it turns rich shades of bronze, burgundy, and carmine in autumn, while the blooms are still present. Wow -- an amazing color show in both flower and foliage, and one that continues for many weeks.

Tuff Stuff™ is also far more compact than traditional Mountain Hydrangea, reaching only 2 to 3 feet high and wide. This makes it a great choice for containers, the front of the foundation, outlining a patio or ground-level deck, and dotting the sunny (in the far north only) to partly shady (everywhere else) border.

Tuff Stuff™ is the premier introduction in a new series of reblooming Mountain Hydrangeas. The flowerheads are larger than you would expect from the size of the shrub, and the branching is dense, giving you more blooms than you might think possible! And like all Hydrangea, these flowers dry right on the stem, turning to a papery consistency and vintage shades that are most attractive in the garden or in the vase as Everlastings. (The fresh flowers make great cuts, too!)

Like all Hydrangeas, Tuff Stuff™ loves water and needs plenty. This is not a shrub to let dry out between waterings! But given consistent moisture and a bit of shade in most climates, it grows quickly, blooms from the very first year, and offers no trouble! Highly recommended. Zones 5-9.