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Tulip Narcissus Golden Cotton Candy Blend

Tulip Narcissus 'Golden Cotton Candy' Blend

Narcissus / Tulipa Golden Delicious/ Pink Size

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This enchanting blend includes Narcissus 'Golden Delicious' and Tulip 'Pink Size' - two stunning spring perennials that are sure to brighten your sunny landscape like nothing else! Each is a beautiful and easy-care bulb and their complementary colors and forms make them a true power couple. 'Pink Size' sports candy pink petal-packed cupped blooms while 'Golden Delicious' flaunts yellow-gold blooms that are simply stunning set against grassy green foliage. They both make superb cutflowers and look particularly stunning planted en masse or scattered about the garden for little pops of color. Invite this pleasing blend of flowers into your landscape and your spring garden will thank you!