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Tulip Sunbeam Mix

Tulip Sunbeam Mix

Bright Assortment!

Pack of 10
Item # 37829-PK-10

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If you like tulips and Daffodils, you'll love the wide assortment of shapes and colors in Sunbeam Blend! This combination includes Tulip 'Ballerina', 'Helmar', 'Big Smile', Narcissus 'Martinette', and 'Peeping Tom'.

An artistic sensation with outwardly splayed, blood orange petals opened elegantly, shades of orange and yellow highlight a darker orange-red base of the flower. The sweet aroma of the citrus-colored blooms are intoxicating and energizing.

The blazing red and bold yellow, flame-like flowers of 'Helmar' will light up your display. A feature flower in most displays, this bright tulip complements the other fiery colors in Sunbeam Blend. The oval, bright yellow flowers of 'Big Smile' blends easily.

The three Tulips each stand about 2 feet in height, about a foot or so above the two Daffodils rounding out the arrangement. The entire collection is tolerant of several climates and levels of exposure to the sun.

There's more bright yellow in Narcissus 'Martinette', a splendid Daffodil with a bold orange trumpet that mixes comfortably in the assortment. 'Peeping Tom' is also bright yellow, though it makes its noise in the arrangement with long slender trumpets.

Long regarded as ideal partners, these Tulips and Daffodils will add fire and sunshine to your display. Versatile and durable, they provide a beautiful tulip garden in one neat package!