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Tulip Muscari Mix

Tulip Muscari Mix

Muscari / Tulipa

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Who says planting a gorgeous garden has to be a hassle? This terrific blend brings you rich floral presence with virtually no effort! When planted together contrast of the azure blue Grape Hyacinth and the fragrant cloud white tulips is simply phenomenal. Sharing the same size and bloomtime, the true beauty of these spring flowers lies in the contrast in color and texture. None of your garden guests will be able to look away from the harmony created by these two majestic spring icons! This blend blooms in the peak of spring in full sun to dappled shade. Both varieties are long-lived and very weather-tough, ready to withstand the rains, winds, and heat of spring. Even cold snaps won't dim their display as both varieties are quite cold hardy! Both plants like to multiply and spread so give them plenty of space to fan out and increase the beauty of your garden year after year! Zones 4-8. Pack of 10 (6 Muscari, 4 Tulips).