Urban Bee Box

Urban Bee Box

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Did you know not all bees live in communal hives? In fact, the best bees for your garden are actually solitary bees! They are docile and very rarely sting because they don't have any honey to protect. Solitary bees are some of nature's most highly effective pollinators and are a definite benefit to fruit, vegetable,and flower gardens. If you want to attract these stellar bugs you'll need the right home. That's where Urban Bee Box come into play. This sleek and modern looking nester is the ideal habitat for solitary bees. Its inner structure is made of FSC certified timber and wood canes perfectly sized for these talented bees to nest in. The outer casing is made of Clayplas+ which is a composite material of 70% clay and 30% recycled plastic. This planet-conscious material is quite durable and is guaranteed to last at least a decade in the garden. The inner cassette is removable. This Urban Bee Box is the perfect meshing of modern and natural designs and is sure to bring beneficial bugs to your garden for years to come.