USDA Zone Map

Spring Shipping Schedule and Zone Opening Earliest Ship Dates
Zone Bare root Roses Plants & Bulbs Container Roses Sweet Potato & Avocado Citrus
1-3 Early-Mid May Mid May Mid May Late May-Mid Jun Early-Mid May
4-5 Early-Mid Apr Late Apr Late Apr Mid-Late May Late Apr-Early May
6 Mid-Late Mar Early-Mid Apr Early-Mid Apr Early-Mid May Early-Mid Apr
7 Early-Mid Mar Mid-Late Mar Early-Mid Apr Late Apr-Mid May Early-Mid Apr
8 Mid-Late Feb Early-Mid Mar Early-Mid Apr Mid-Late Apr Early-Mid Apr
9-13* Late Jan-Mid Feb Mid-Late Feb Early-Mid Apr Mid-Late Apr Early-Mid Apr

Fall Shipping Schedule and Zone Opening Dates
Shipping For Earliest Ship Dates
Zones 1-4 Early-Mid September
Zones 5-6 Mid-Late September
Zones 7-13 Late September
Peony Early-Mid October
Mums 2nd Week in September

This is a graphical representation of the USDA Hardiness Zones. This gives you a good idea of the zones within your region, your neighboring states, and across the country.
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Planting Zones
To ensure your plants thrive, we ship at the perfect time for planting in your region, based on your Planting Zone.