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Daphne Aureo-Marginata

Daphne 'Aureo-Marginata'

Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata'

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This Variegated Daphne is by far the most aromatic of all the Daphnes. Opening its purple buds to pink-to-white blooms in early spring, it perfumes the entire garden, then remains attractive all year, with dark green foliage neatly outlined in brightest gold.

Evergreen and much easier to grow than most Daphne cultivars, this shrub is nicely rounded, upright, and very well-branched. It grows vigorously and quite quickly to mature size. The beauty of this wonder arises early, as deep rosy-purple buds open to clustered pink-to-white flowers in March and April.

Variegated Daphne offers evergreen foliage that is long, slender, and richly colored, its band of gold variegation remaining even in summer heat and humidity. Expect it to reach a height and width of 4 to 5 feet. This excellent foundation shrub likes a cool and moist location, preferably in light shade. Zones 7-9a, 10 on the west coast.

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Hoping for the best.
Linda G from TX wrote on June 29, 2019:

I have been on the look out for Daphne Odora "Aureomarginata" for years, but I've never actually seen one until my order arrived. Daphne has a reputation dying on impulse. Many people report a healthy plant one day and a dead one the next. Some say it is a short lived shrub they plan on replacing every four years. Others have had the same Daphne for decades. It is said to be impossible to transplant and prone to root rot from too much watering. Yet, in spite of that, I wanted to experience the fragrance that is touted to be the most delicious aroma in the garden. It's other attributes include: evergreen in zone 8, shade tolerant, compact, flowers in late winter, and creamy yellow rimmed foliage that lights up the shade all year. This particular variety is supposed to be less prone to sudden death, but I bought two because I wanted to increase my odds of success. My order arrived at the carrier's local facility on Friday, but wasn't delivered until Monday. Sheesh! Still, the plants didn't seem too withered. They were packaged well and had all their soil with some moisture still left in it. I was amazed. They were about 6"-8" tall, well leafed out, and when planted I thought the had ample roots. My only concern is the leaf shape and color. All the photos I've seen (including Wayside's) show Winter Daphne as having a dark green color. Mine appear more yellow-green and are longer than I expected them to be. The leaves also have a slight twist to them. That being said, the plants seem vigorous. No leaf drop or wilting. So for now, ignorance (and lack of any living Daphne to compare them to) is bliss. I like the color in the shade. I can only hope they like their new home.

Awakening Spring
Ruth Sims from VA wrote on July 03, 2014:

I have purchased 7 Daphne Odora of which all but one are thriving and the beautiful scents start in very, very early Spring and gets the gardening spirit moving. I am trying to find out why the one died or how to propagate cuttings. Any suggestions.