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Verbena Endurascape™ Red

Verbena Endurascape™ Red

Verbena EnduraScape® Red

There has never been a Verbena quite like EnduraScape, and you may just have to forsake all others to make this exciting newcomer your choice for garden and container! A spreading, trailing variety, EnduraScape is highly heat tolerant and offers excellent powdery mildew resistane. But what's even more amazing is its ability to tolerate temperatures down into the teens -- and to rebloom in spring following a mild winter in many climates!

This super-vigorous plant reaches just 8 to 12 inches high, spreading up to 24 inches wide (or long, depending on how you're growing it!). It is very floriferous, beginning the bloom season in late spring and going through summer and, in most areas, right through fall. Those light frosts won't faze it, and you may still be seeing new blooms at Halloween!

And such blooms they are -- a rich, many-layered shade of pure red, held in large nosegays of dozens of florets. The foliage is bright green, lush and healthy. A subtle sweet scent repays your closer inspection of the flowers. And all of this from a hard-working plant that stands up to adversity from severe heat and humidity to poor soil and even a touch of drought!

Verbena combines perfectly with so many other annuals in the sunny to very lightly shaded garden and container. Try it with Calibrachoa, Petunia, Bacopa, as well as foliage plants. This is a multi-season performer, a good neighbor in the annual bed and containers of all types, and a low-maintenance powerhouse.

Each pot contains one plant. Includes three 4-inch pots.